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Проверочный тест Present Simple

Пройдите проверочный тест на знание английского языка.Перед тем как пройти тест, рекомендуется ознакомиться с уроком "Настоящее простое время (Present Simple)"

Какое предложение не описывает рутинное/повторяющееся с определённой периодичностью событие?


He _________ his mom every week.


I __________ to music every night.


My dad always _________ dinner after work.


My alarm clock __________ at 7am.


I _________ my history class after lunch.


She always _______ hard for her exams.


I _______ my teeth after I have a shower.


Veronica __________ the piano after school.


I _______ like to cook, because it is too hot in the kitchen!


She ________ like him, because he is very mean to her.


______ you like to play football?


_______ he like dogs?


Do you have a car?


Does he have a good job?


Do we need milk?


Does she walk to school?


Yes, I wake up early every morning.


No, he doesn’t play chess.


No, we don’t see each other on weekends.


Yeah, Mark lives here now.


No, it doesn’t cost a lot of money.


No, I don’t want to work overtime.


I come from Portugal.


He’s a teacher.


They party on Saturday night.


I visit her once a month.


She teaches piano.


I go to bed at 11.


Class starts at 8:45.


Milla speaks French and Spanish.


I go shopping or see my friends.


I want to go to Venice.