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Прошедшее продолженное время (Past Continuous)

Проверочный тест Past Continuous

You _______ playing cards.


Anna _______ looking for her ring.


Dave _______ washing the car.


Anna and Tom _______ counting their money.


Mandy _______ having lunch.


Mister Bob _______ teaching chemistry.


Julia _______ buying flowers.


They _______ writing an e-mail.


_______ she doing her homework?


_______ they repairing their computer?


_______ Anita and David sitting in the kitchen?


_______ you having a shower?


I were playing football at 10 o’clock.
Что означает это предложение?


They were coming to us at 7pm.
Что означает данное предложение?


When I was jogging, someone stopped me and asked what time it was.
Что означает данное предложение?


I was talking with Anna when the phone rang.
Что означает данное предложение?


While Maria was preparing breakfast, Ivan was talking with her.
Что означает данное предложение?


I was doing exercises and Liza was reading a book.
Какое утверждение верно?


Какие действия не описывает Past Continuous?


_______ he was talking on the phone, I was playing tennis.
Решите, что должно использоваться — when или while?


We were watching a movie _____ the screen went blank.


_____ she was packing the bags, I was looking for our passports.


We were complaining about the weather _____ the sun broke through the clouds.


Sandra was washing the dishes ____ a plate fell off the shelf.


They ____ (watch) TV when the lights ____ (go) off.


Bob ____ (not see) Sam because he ____ (talk) with Anna.


She ______ (fill) in a questionnaire when the pen _____ (run) out of ink.


Uncle Ben _____ (get) dressed when he ____ (feel) a sharp pain in his chest.


He nearly _____ (have) a heart attack when he ______ (see) the bear.


The winning racing driver ____ (shake) the bottle then _____ (take) the cork out.


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