Blue Beard

Blue Beard (Part 3)

Blue Beard (Part 3) [Скачать]

She promised to obey his orders in the most faithful manner; and Blue Beard, after kissing her tenderly, stepped into his coach, and drove away.

Она пообещала не ослушиваться его, а Синея Борода, поцеловав её, сел в карету и пустился в путь.

When Blue Beard was gone, the friends of his wife did not wait to be asked, so eager were they to see all the riches and fine things she had gained by marriage; for they had none of them gone to the wedding, on account of their dislike to the blue beard of the bridegroom.

Друзья не стали ждать приглашения, и после отъезда Синей Бороды, пришли сами, уж очень им хотелось посмотреть на несметные богатства Синей Бороды, ибо они не присутствовали на её свадьбе, так как боялись синею бороду её мужа.

As soon as ever they came to the house, they ran about from room to room, from closet to closet, and then from wardrobe to wardrobe, looking into each with wonder and delight, and said, that every fresh one they came to, was richer and finer than what they had seen the moment before.

Они тот час начали ходить и осматривать все комнаты, лазя в шкафах да в гардеробах, их восторгу не было предала, с каждой минутой им всё казалось великолепней и красивей.

At last they came to the drawing-rooms, where their surprise was made still greater by the costly grandeur of the hangings, the sofas, the chairs, carpets, tables, sideboards, and looking-glasses; the frames of these last were silver-gilt, most richly adorned, and in the glasses they saw themselves from head to foot.

In short, nothing could exceed the richness of what they saw; and they all did not fail to admire and envy the good fortune of their friend.

Войдя в гостиную, они пришли ещё в больший восторг, там весели великолепные занавесы, стояли пышные кровати и диваны, великолепные шкафы для посуды и блестящие зеркала; все покрытые серебром, самым дорогим образом украшены, и очень большие, во весь рост.

Словом, роскошней могло быть только у короля, друзья не переставали  восхищаться и расхваливать счастье хозяйки.

But all this time the bride herself was far from thinking about the fine speeches they made to her, for she was eager to see what was in the closet her husband had told her not to open.

Но она не предавала их словам значения, её мучило желание отпереть ту самую маленькую коморку внизу в конце галереи.

So great, indeed, was her desire to do this, that, without once thinking how rude it would be to leave her guests, she slipped away down a private staircase that led to this forbidden closet, and in such a hurry, that she was two or three times in danger of falling down stairs and breaking her neck.

Её любопытство было так велико, что, не сообразив, как неприлично оставлять гостей одних, в большой спешке бросилась вниз по лестнице, и чуть не сломала шею.

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