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Простое будущее время (Future Simple)

Проверочный тест Future Simple

I _______ come soon.


They __________ to go to the shopping.


You _______ help me tomorrow.


I __________ to go out to dinner.


She _______ not translate it for you.


Julia __________ to sell her car.


They _______ fix that.


We __________ to buy a car.


____ you going to take it?


_____ she ask him?


______ you come back?


Are they __________ to paint the house next week?


Will you have time to see me tomorrow?


Is she going to study harder?


Won’t she wait for me?


Will you be at the meeting?


Dinner is almost ready. I’ll set the table.


Ivan has some vocation time. He is going to take next week off.


Anna will love her birthday present. It’s just what she wants.


I don’t like my job. I’m going to quit when I get back from vocation.


That’s okay. Don’t worry about the spilled coffee. I’ll clean it up.


Someday, there are going to be computers in every classroom in the world.


The light bulb is burned out. I’ll get a new one from the supply room.


I’m going to go to the bookstore. Do you want to go with me?


Look out! We _______ crash.


I hope one day I _______ have more free time.


This evening I ______ stay at home and watch TV.


Perhaps in a few hundred years everybody _______ have an easy life.


We _______ spend the weekend in the mountains.


Do you think it _______ rain tonight?


If both parents have blue eyes, their children _______ have blue eyes.


We ______ buy a new car.


He _______ study abroad next year.


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